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Important Information

Pls avoid words like "congrats", "promo(ting)", "promotion","wow",  "splash", "yellow", "congrats", "https"e.t.c in your messages.


Please be informed that MTN has implemented the "DO NOT DISTURB"(DND)

service for some of her subscribers.  

Any number subscribed to this service will not receive bulk sms messages.

To check your status, text "help" to "2442".  

To unsubscribe, text "Allow" to "2442"


Messaging can transform the way business communicates with customers, suppliers, clients, prospects, target audience, etc. We re-define Web SMS messaging, giving you the most powerful application that has ever been developed for web SMS, whether for Bulk SMS Messaging, Wedding Announcement, Invitations, Events and Meeting, Birthday Announcement and Invitation, Special Seasons Greetings, Political Campaign and Awareness, Product Launch, Sales Promotions, etc, you will find out that our portal is an indispensable tool.


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Register NOW if you do not have an account with us and your account will automatically be credited with 2 FREE SMS. If you have an account already, just login with your email address and password, and start sending SMS.




Name: Adeolu Olayinka D.  Account No.: 0030819343

Eco Bank

Name: Adeolu Olayinka D. Account No.: 0633003130

Zenith Bank

Name: Adeolu Olayinka D. Account No.:2080219804

Wema Bank

Name: Adeolu Olayinka D. Account No.:0233049649



A page of text message to Airtel and Etisalat takes 1.5 unit of sms while a page of text message to Glo takes 1.8 units of sms and MTN takes 1.8 units of sms. Please see the GSM networks and unit charged below for better clarification.

GSM Networks                  Unit(s) of sms for a page of text message

Airtel                                                    1.8 Unit

Etisalat                                                  1.8 Unit

Glo                                                       1.8 Units

MTN 1.8 Units


Please note the following:

-The Acceptable number formats are as follows 080..., 23480..., +23470...

Please do not use number without the leading zero or without the international country code (eg 8034521...). Message sent to number like this are sent to international numbers starting with 803... and will be charged accordingly.

-To send to multiple numbers, separate multiple numbers with comma "," eg (08032333312,234805849444) or one per line eg




-To upload or paste numbers from a file please not the following. You may upload numbers but only upload from a notepad file.

Do not upload from MS word, MS excel, MS wordpad or any other document type. If your numbers are contained in any of such file, please copy and paste in notepad first, then upload or copy and paste from notepad. Numbers uploaded directly from documents not notepad are usually not properly formatted.


We can develop a bulk SMS website that will bear your own domain name and you will have 100% control over it. You will be able to customize it, edit it and determine the prices to sell to your own users as well as your own resellers.

For more information or order placement, please visit us via email or telephone. You can make payment for SMS credit into our bank account.

Our Professional Services Include:

  • IT Consultant
  • Web Design and Development
  • Software Development and Management (POS system, Hotel and Hospital Management, etc.
  • Online Marketing.
  • Project Management

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